impossibly possible

December 2, 2013 § 2 Comments

Thanksgiving vacation was exceptionally average, a blur of traditional comfort foods and lazy togetherness that seemed to challenge the familiar hallmarks of our days. This morning felt painfully forced as the clocks mocked my displeasure, signaling a return to routine. My daughter’s smile was entirely misplaced by the time we shuffled into our coats; sleepy eyes and crocodile tears pleaded with me to guard against the day and to contort expectations into play. Trapped in a moment of misery I remembered days long past when we could hide together from routine and snuggle into mischief and make-believe. Even as I explained our responsibilities I wanted to steal a day from the calendar and chart a different course. Instead I raised my chin and squeezed my little girl tightly to hold our wishes close, quietly counting the minutes until the end of the school day. Moving into the possibility of today and wishing for the impossibility of yesterday.

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