overlooked insights

December 5, 2013 § 7 Comments

During the Christmas season an eager tread of little feet races with heavy percussion down our stairway, announcing each day. A drumroll of anticipation as my daughter wakes immediately conscious of an unspoken promise and shakes off sleep hurriedly, meticulously combing our home for a small indication a guest has visited us in preparation for the holidays.

From the first day of December until the eve of Christmas Day each child scours the corners of our modest home for a subtle clue that we have hosted a holiday visitor in our sleep. The idea was born of a tiny notebook I uncovered at a local card store and has evolved into a beloved tradition.

This holiday whodunnit began a few years back, at a time when our son was on the cusp of certainty as he quietly challenged Christmas magic; still under the spell of the season but carefully curious of his doubts. With four years between our children I wanted to hold tightly to the innocence of their faith in things unseen; from the secular practices of Christmas to the personal and intangible sincerity of Faith.

The seasonal clues that sprinkle our home are ever-present, overlooked items that suggest something greater hovering beneath the everyday. It is the practice of searching for magic that has challenged logic with wonder. What began in play has created a practice of choice, nurturing a perspective of faith in things both seen and unseen.  The message I hope will linger in my children’s hearts and minds long after we stow away our Christmas trimmings is this:

There is beauty and magic everywhere, everyday; it is up to us to tumble into consciousness eager to find meaning in overlooked moments of insight.

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