putting off & piling up

March 31, 2014 § 2 Comments

I am an inconsistent keeper of good habits; moments of temporary escape become lost hours wedged beneath distractions. Laundry accrues with disinterest, clean dishes are recycled from washer to table top, and dust bunnies procreate as I procrastinate.

Consistent only in my frivolous distractibility, I am equally inattentive in self-care. Food and exercise are fleeting interests, spontaneous demonstrations of reaffirmed, impassioned commitments quickly compromised by misplaced attention. Plans for now are shuffled to later and buried beneath the clutter of postponed responsibilities.

Then, with practiced predictability, a calendar commitment shames me into good behavior and the burden of correcting evidence of my avoidance robs me of more playful pursuits. Today I am inviting the sun into our home to light the path of my inattention, dusting off the overlooked corners of avoidance, and dwelling in the possibility of play as I uncover free time hidden in more mindful commitments to care.



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