Writing outside the expectation of acknowledgment I have broken the etiquette associated with blogging awards. In my daily life I similarly tuck paper acknowledgments into drawers. In a gesture of thanks to those who kindly acknowledged my writings, I wish to take a moment to note their generous nominations for awards I do not entirely understand, but wholeheartedly appreciate.

Janice at Snide Reply originally nominated me for a Versatile Blogger and/or a Liebster Award in December of 2011. I adore this writer’s wit and honesty. The acknowledgment alone was a gift and I failed to understand at the time I was intended to transform my nomination into a new string of acknowledgments for others. Still, I hold this early nod close to my heart.

Another blogger who has since left this space, but whose words accompanied me for some time in thoughtful responses nominated me for a Sunshine Award on April 4, 2012. I wish this writer were present today to know I genuinely did not understand the process of acknowledgment and thanks that transforms into a new gesture of appreciation for other writers.

Most recently I returned home from a family vacation to find a new award. Lauren at Laur Nicole Hunt nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. More attune to the process presently than I was in the beginning, I feel a new obligation to acknowledge each gesture of kindness with a note of gratitude.

Thank you, friends, for your encouragement and thoughtfulness as I stumble into greater self-awareness among my words. It is enough to write, but it is a joy to find friendship and compassion among strangers whose thoughts resonate among my own.

Now then, in keeping with the tradition of the previously outlined awards,  a few facts about myself before acknowledging other writers:

1. I have studied French, Spanish, and German, but am fluent in none.
2. I played piano as a child and I regret wholeheartedly my departure from this area of my life.
3. I am a hopeless romantic.
4. I still write handwritten letters to friends and family.
5. I am perpetually afraid I will be late and, as a result, I am chronically early everywhere I go.
6. Most days I forget I am an adult and marvel at the tiny lines around my eyes and smile.
7. I am not certain if I am to nominate other writers for one or all three of the awards.

In sharing writers I admire and whose gift brings me joy, I must apologize as I do not follow others as much as I write. These are the blogs that great me when I uncover free moments to wander others’ musings. Among them you will find humor, beauty, genuineness, and shades of brilliance.

1. Snide Reply

2. Doodlemum

3. Mostly Bright Ideas

4. Mikepillowsphoto

5. East Meets Breast

§ 3 Responses to thanks

  • Kelly Grace says:

    Thanks for your recommendations. We all have limited time and WP is like a big new universe. I didn’t know where to begin my explorations.
    PS I like the clean look of your blog. All the Blog Gurus say, “Make sure and include dynamic images”. I love it when we defies those Gurus.

    • scribblechic says:

      Excluding images was a personal choice born of a personal commitment to honor my children’s privacy and a creative challenge to capture my experiences without the interpretive influences of imagery. That said, I admire other blogs for their talent in both photography and art.

      Thank you for commenting on the intimacy of design.

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